Welcome to our Web Site!

We are struggling every day with different problems - credit crunch, problem with repaying our mortgages, growing inflation, soaring utility bills.

We are living under the constant stress and negative pressure from the hostile environment. Stress is the main cause of the most powerful diseases and can cut our life expectancy considerable.

We want to be greener, healthier, have rich with events life. We want to show our children an example how to tackle with problems, planning the next day and even their future.

How to survive under all those negative circumstances? Have a normal life even have some fun? We will try to show here our way of living, thinking and solving those eternal problems. We understand, that everybody unique in his own life and we hope that this web site will help you to look on your problems wide and understand that you are not alone and there are hope at the end of the tunnel.

We hope that this will be two-way process. Please leave your opinion, thoughts, and suggestions on the forum if you wish.

We are proud and happy to introduce a free Photo Gallery. This collection is reflecting what you can see when you are walking around area where you are living. We hope this will encourage you leave your house and enjoy the great and amazing British outdoor. Please rate if you have time presented images - this will help us to improve our collection. Enjoy viewing the collection but always remember that outside your door you have very colourful real 3D images!

We hope that our small resource can help to find in your life something new and interesting.

Good luck and thank you!

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