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Very often we need to present thumbnails in particular size for our client, especially in GridView, ListView and other complex web controls. I show how to do it using only CSS.
Sometimes is very important to find when the next day of the delivery is or how many days business passed between current date and desirable date of our client to see his/her goods. Very often we need to develop client - validation (read: develop it in JavaScript). In this article I demonstrate two the most important functions for calculation business days between dates and find particular business day in the future. This program is very flexible and can be adapted to any country (because it is required to set up weekends days and holidays). At the end I will show how this data can be filled into MS SQL Server database (England UK public holidays till 2014).
Sometimes it is difficult to query data in correct order for the tree. I show one of the way you can correctly present this data and your tree will be filled without any problems.
In this article I will explain how we can save selected by user data in calendar controls. This will be useful when you generate some "ad hoc" report in your web application.