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Советы как писать CV/Resume
Resume Tips from an Executive Recruiter
By: Gary Nickol, Founder - Corporate Research Associates, LLC

Looking at numerous resumes every day, you begin to see what does & doesn't work. Passing along this information, I feel is essential to give you, the candidate, the best possible chance for landing the job of your dreams.

The first impression you will ever make to a company is your resume. It is important to show what you can do and how you can solve the "problem" a company has by coming across as the "solution".

Make sure your resume "fits" the job description you are interested in. If you have a particular responsibility or experience the posting calls for and it is not reflected in your resume, put it in. You have to remember; human resources & hiring authorities are looking at between 15-50 resumes a day for a particular position. You will have a leg up on the competition by simply tailoring your resume toward what the job description cries out for. If you're having a difficult time reflecting in your resume what the company wants, it may not be the right position for you at this time.

One of the biggest misconceptions in resume writing is that the resume has to be short. Some say one page; others say you can "stretch" it to two pages. Never be concerned with the length of a resume, be more concerned with the content. I am not saying to write a book, but I do believe it is important to be able to show some "meat" on your resume. When a candidate simply puts a company they work for and a short description of what they do, it is difficult to envision what you do at your job. You should be able to create at least 5 bullets explaining various different responsibilities you have or have had in the past. If you cannot do it, what are you doing at work!!!!

The last thing I feel is worth covering is the format of the resume. Although, I truly believe content is the most important aspect of resume writing, it is still important to be able to review in a clear & concise manner. Follow basic formats when it comes to resume writing. Make sure you go from the most recent experience and work backwards. It must be in a format that can be easily viewed by the reader.

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[B] How to increase your resume views. [/B]
Follow these guidelines to increase your resume views:
[I]Simplify Your Resume and Cover Letter[/I]
Recruiters, or their research assistants, may view as many as 100 resumes or more every day, so be brief. A concise summary of your qualifications, skills, accomplishments, career and education history is best. The same holds true for your cover letter, be brief. The cover letter is also where you want to mention your salary and relocation requirements, if any.

[I]The Email Subject Line[/I]
Frequently, when applying for a position, the email subject line contains codes relating to the position and the job board where your resume originated. It is very important to NOT remove those codes! Many recruiters and employers use software to manage the applications to their openings, and these codes determine which opening to associate your resume with. If there are no codes pre-formatted in the email subject line, look for them in the body of the job description text, or use the title of the position and the location.

[I]Do Not Name Your Resume Attachment "Resume"[/I]
Recruiters receive 100s of resumes each day so if you name your resume attachment "resume.doc" or "myresume" the recruiter's computer will automatically assign your resume in numerical sequence amoung 1000s of other resumes residing in the recruiter's database. So your file will now become "resume58742.doc" or something similar. It is a good practice to name your file with your first and last name and the word resume. Your file name should look like this: "johndoeresume.doc". This way the recruiter can locate you in the system quicker, thus you will not be "just a number."

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Example of the cover letter:

Dear Sir/Madame,

I am pleased to forward you my attached CV in response to your advertisement.

As you can see from my CV, I have gained a deep knowledge in XXXXXXXXXX and all relevant experiences.

I strongly believe that my professional knowledge and extensive experience, together with personal qualities mach your job requirements and will definitely prove to be an asset to your company.

Should you require any additional information please do not hesitate to contact me.

I hope you find the enclosed details of interest and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely,

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100 standard questions for the general interview:

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