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Notary in English (Russian-English translation)
Переводчик пишет:

The first of November, two thousand five, I, a translator Pavlenko Svetlana Denisovna have made the present translation from Russian to English and bearing the responsibility of its authenticity I understand ___________.

Далее идет перевод нотариальной надписи нотариуса (то есть эта надпись размещается на последней странице под русской заверительной надписью нотариуса) :

[B]B*** of A*** region [/B]
[B]The first of November, two thousand five [/B]
I, Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich, a notary of the notarial region of B***, A*** region, affirm the correctness of this copy. There are no additions, crossed out words of other corrections in the last dociment.

Notary  [I]signature [/I]      Ivanov.I.I

[B]Stamp:[/B] Notary Ivanov.I.I
          Place of location: B***, A*** region
          notarial region of B***

Или другой вариант перевода надписи нотариуса:

In the name of Russian Federation.
B***** of A*** region.
The first of November, two thousand five.
I, Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich, Notary of B*** notary department of A*** region, acting on the basis of the license N0. 045 from September 20, 1996 issued by Justice Department of A*** region administration, certify this to be the rue signature of Pavlenko Svetlana Denisovna, a translator known me personally, that have made out in my precence. Her personality has been identified, capacite has been checked.

Registered in the register No. 4-5899

Notary:    [I]signature [/I]      Ivanov.I.I
Seal: * A*** region* B*** * Notary Ivanov.I.I*

B*** - название необходимого города
A*** - название субъекта Российской федерации

Re: Notary in English (Russian-English translation)

If you want to translate by yourself, please sign your translation:


I, the undersigned, hereby certify that this document is a true and accurate translation of the original document from Russian to English, to the best of my ability and knowledge.

Translated by NAME

Address: _____________________

Tel. +44 _____________________