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Письмо - приглашение
To Whom It May Concern:
Visa Section
British Embassy
Moscow, Russia

Dear Sir or Madam,

This is to confirm that I would like to invite my friend ______________ and her daughter _____________________ residing at ________________, Moscow, __________ Russian Federation to visit me in London in the near future. With this in view, I would hereby request you to exercise your discretion and issue them entry visas to the United Kingdom. I assume responsibility for their board and lodging as well as for all their expenses while in the United Kingdom.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Yours truly,

British Embassy

Visa Section

10 Smolenskaya Naberezhnaya,
Moscow 121099

Date: [Date]
Re: visa invitation for [NAMES]

Dear Sir/Madam:

I, [YOUR NAME], would like to invite my friends, [FULL NAMES OF VISITORS], to visit myself and my family in Altrincham for two weeks in the period from [Date1] to [Date2]

Their passport details are:

Passport number: [Passport Number]
Date of issue: [Date3]
Date of expiry: [Date4]
Born: [Date of Birth of Visitor]
Place of birth: [Place of Birth of Visitor]
Nationality: [Nationality of Visitor]
Authority issued: [Authority issued passport]

[Full name of visitor] is employed as a [Job Title and Company]

I’m a resident in UK, employed by [Company Name], which is located at the following address: [Company address];
Tel: [telephone of the employer].
My occupation is [Job Title].

My certificate of registration [Number], issued [Date5] by [Authority issued].
My Work permit [Number], issued [Date6]
National Insurance Number [NIC], issued [Date7]

My friends will be staying with me at the following address:
[Living address].
Tel [Home Phone Number], or my mobile [Mobile phone number].

All medical, flight, and leaving costs for their visit will be covered by myself.

Please, contact me, should you have any questions.

Yours sincerely,

Re: Письмо - приглашение

British Embassy Moscow

Smolenskaya Naberezhnaya 10

Moscow 121099 Russian Federation

30th September, 2008

Re: UK Tourist Visa Sponsorship for …

Dear Sirs,

Please consider this letter as pledge and confirmation of my willingness to sponsor Ms … during her visit to the UK.

She is self-employed in the Crimea and indeed has more than sufficient funds to cover all expenses of the trip herself. I have kindly invited Ms … to visit my place for a week during her annual leave, which I sincerely hope she will be allowed to do from 01st November to 09th November.

I enclose the appropriate documentation proving my ability as sponsor to incur any expenses necessary. My bank statements date back six months and demonstrate my financial status.

I trust that this sponsorship is sufficient evidence for an alacritous visa approval for my friend.

Yours faithfully,


Re: Письмо - приглашение

To whom it may concern.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I would like to invite my friend ______(данные того, кого приглашают, имя,

номер паспорта, адрес проживания) to visit me in Great Britain (краткое

описание цели и программы визита,даты).

She will live with me in my flat (или house, пишете адрес, прилагаете

документы, подтверждающие что приглашающий живет по этому адресу).

I will financially support her in this trip,please see attached documents

(прилагаете выписку со счета и pay slips).

It would be great if you can provide Ms (ваше имя) with a relevant visa for

her trip.

Thank you in adance for your assistance!

Yours faithfully,


Re: Письмо - приглашение

Re: Письмо - приглашение

Информация из первых рук - документы, которые будет требовать Консульство если Вы оформляете приглашение для посещения UK:

Re: Письмо - приглашение

Official paper:

sponsorship undertaking uk

Some details how to fill it:

Sponsor a visa applicant: form SU07

Re: Письмо - приглашение
Документы для визы в Великобританию

Re: Письмо - приглашение
Visitor: supporting documents guide

Re: Письмо - приглашение
UK visa, immigration and citizenship application forms