Thread: Sergey's Live Journal/Why everybody wants to cancel my contract with BT?

Why everybody wants to cancel my contract with BT?
Every weekend somebody calls me at home and asks me, using Indian English "Are you BT customer? We have a very good proposal for you how improve your life without BT!"

In the beginning I was trying to explain them, that I do not use my home phone for calls - it mostly for emergency use or because as many people I have to have one. But, unfortunately, nobody wants listen to me. I have a bad feeling, that they trying to read something from paper which some experts printed for them.

As I failed in such kind of conversation, I started ask all of them standard question "Are you BT?" As usual after third or forth repetition they answered "No." That is a signal for me to finish conversation "Sorry, good buy!"

Strange calls which push me into thinking "May be I am doing something wrong in this life, continuing using BT?"

P.S. BT - British Telecom (company which provide telephone service in the UK).