Thread: Sergey's Live Journal/Why rich people to continue support progress?

Why rich people to continue support progress?
Very strange question, because rich people already have all, what we can only dream about. But why they still continue work, pay salary, improve their business? They cannot stop? They always have insecure feeling that money not enough? May be there exist general law that the richest can improve their lives (for example extend life span) only as a result of scientific revolution.

So, possessing enormous amount of money do not stop you thinking about your health and eternity. Those thoughts push invest money into society and wait scientific revolution results.

On the other hands, they cannot live on abundant island (because of luck of natural resources) and furthermore hungry poor people can destroy their luxury life. Thus, the richest families have to support status quo in our society to avoid revolution and riots.

May I am wrong, who knows, but it is very difficult to understand their alien psychology as I am from the poorest part of our world.