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What is the real power – money or knowledge?
That is a very interesting question. I am studying the whole my life – school, a few universities and different kind of courses… Can I or somebody in the position like me influence on something different than own family? Probably the answer will be “Not”. But why this so negative answer? I have not clear answer on that very complicated and quite wide and global question. May be we were born in the poor families, or graduated from the not proper universities… Stop! What is the difference in our educations? Did we study less than in prestige universities form the world top 50 students do? I am not sure, because I did what was asked, did all assignments, used critical thinking and read what I could… I am sure – we did our study very well, but we could not establish relationship with powerful elite, because they children were in other place. Where is the exit from that vicious circle? Why we are “looser” in comparison with other rich people whose glamour faces flash on TV? Yes, the answer is money. Those people, who were born in the reach families, had from the start better opportunity to be on the top of the world, did not leave for us any chances. But what about celebrities, movie stars and pop-idols who created themselves “from the scratch”? How could they become rich, famous and powerful without initial parents-related capital? May be they have something, that we have not? Some people call it “luck”. If you know what that word means exactly, you definitely do not need to read my topic… So, at the moment I can make my conclusion – the real power is money, converted into knowledge which gives possibility to earn more money… May be you are not agree with my pessimism, your opinion is very welcome…

Re: What is the real power – money or knowledge?
For me knowledge is the real power. Some day money will over but knowledge will never over.