Thread: FoxPro Some General Questions/Dymo thermal label printer

Dymo thermal label printer
Original - if you have access to UT

Sure have - both for address labels and shipping label.

Make sure you have set up your printer drivers for the type label you are using. Need to set it up in three places. If you are using only an address label - it is set up to run with that as that is the printers defaults. If you are using any other label do the following.

On the general tab - printing preferences - select landscape
On the Device settings - select the label size you are using
On the Advanced tab/Printing defaults- make sure the paper size is the same as the label you are using. Should be the same label size as the device settings.

If you are using VFP9 clear out all references to a printer in either you label or report.

I hope my message save somebody's time...

If you want to print labels directly from Visual FoxPro (using its own label editor) - never install original "DYMO Label Software". If you do it - there will be a problem - by default it will take its own label format (without respect Visual FoxPro)...

If you install by accident this software, please remove it with printer's drivers. After clean Windows system register (delete all lines with DYMO) and install only printer's drivers.

Good luck and have a nice weekend!