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MS Exchange -> MS SQL Server 2005
table mails
messageid bigint,
userid bigint,
message_body nvarchar(max);

archive-manager from Quest

Ввиду нереляционной природы Exchangeвского хранилища придется воспользоваться не ODBC-драйвером, а провайдером OLE DB, который is available as part of Microsoft Exchange 2000.
To create a linked server against an Exchange Web Store
Use 'exoledb.datasource.1' as the provider_name argument, and the URL corresponding to the root folder of the Web Store as the data_source argument of the sp_addlinkedserver system stored procedure.
EXEC sp_addlinkedserver 'exchange',
'Exchange OLE DB provider',
'file:\.\backofficestorage\localhost\public folders'.
To access data in the Exchange Web Store from SQL Server, through a linked server established as above ...
SELECT convert(nvarchar(30),"urn:schemas:contacts:sn") LastName,
Convert(nvarchar(30), "urn:schemas:contacts:o") Company,
Convert(nvarchar(50), "urn:schemas:contacts:email1") Email,
"urn:schemas:contacts:bday" BirthDay
FROM OpenQuery(Exchange,
'SELECT "urn:schemas:contact:sn",
FROM SCOPE(''.©ontacts'')'

Если на разных, то

EXEC sp_addlinkedserver 'exchange',
'Exchange OLE DB provider',
'file:\.\backofficestorage\{ExchangeServer}\public folders'.

Только на сервер с SQL надо поставить OLEDB драйвер к Exchange.

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