Thread: ASP.NET/WSCF - Schema-Based Contract-First Web Services

WSCF - Schema-Based Contract-First Web Services
WSCF - Schema-Based Contract-First Web Services
A Free Visual Studio Add-In and Command Line Tool for Improved
Schema-Based Contract-First Web Services Design and Programming

real link to download for VS 2008 down on this page

Known Issues in v0.7
Currently there is no way to generate only the service interface code after generating the data contracts using the new data contract generation feature.
SOAP validation extension crashes when the client is also a web service (or any other application) that is using the validation extension.
The RPC/Literal to Document/Literal converter does not work under certain circumstances.
Being able to import multiple schemas with the same target namespace in the WSDL wizard, now you can import chameleon XSD files (i.e. XSDs without a target namespace) into your WSDLs. However, the web service code generation is not yet capable of generating code from such WSDLs.
When you try to install WSCF on Windows Vista it may happen that the installer quits with an error number (likely 2869). This could even happen when you are logged in as an administrator.
Solution: Create a batch file in the same directory as the .msi with thefollowing contents:
msiexec /i WSCF0.7.msi
Right-click on this batch and select "Run as Administrator"
WSCF should now install