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Manya Pupkina. I know Mr XXX as a friend, I am 109 years old and I am business owner

Ivan Petrov. I am Mr XXX's manager at account department of Harrods. I am 94.

John Walker, 39yo, postman. Best friend (boss, enemy, etc) of Vasily Pupkin.


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Passport interview questions:

1. Full name

2. Spell full name

3. Current address

4. Who do you live with in the current address

5. What is your partner's name

6. What is your previous address

7. What is your D.O.B

8. Which country and town were you born

9. Your mum's D.O.B. Full name + country & town of birth

10. Your dad,s full name, DOB + country & town of birh

11. When did you become british citizen (date of the certificate)

12. Where and when did you have the ceremony

13. How did you send your passport application

14. What did you include in your passport application

15. Have you receive your documents back

16 When did you make your passport application

17. Who signed your passport application

18. What is his occupation

19. How long have you known him

20. Do you know his age

21. Which banks are you with

22. What accounts do you have

23. Any loans

24 Are you registered to vote


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Applying through the Nationality Checking Service (NCS)

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Information about British passport:

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The application form, fee and supporting documents for a first adult passport

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Tracking pasport application form:

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2011 fees: