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Hows it going?

Hi Sergey,

So how are you getting on with your new job? hope you are doing well. Did you have time to watch the LOST season 6 which I gave you before you left? Leave a message when you see this and God bless you!



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Hi Navod,

Sorry I have missed your message.

At the home page of this web site there is an e-mail which you can use to send me a private message it has re-direction to my personal e-mail.

I did not have time to watch the movie - too much to learn because my level during those two year quite degraded, but technology did not take a brake :)

For more details I would prefer to use e-mail.

Good luck and thanks for your message...

P.S. I had quite a long walk during this weekend - 41 km, there are a lot of places to go, but Yorkshire at the moment still looks much attractive for walking... I hope you did not give up healthy lifestyle :)

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Sorry for the late reply Sergey :) I couldnt find the email address on the homepage can you send me a message to ********* please. Gud luck with your new job and hope you're enjoing it.




Re: Hows it going?

Opps :)

I had removed e-mail to protect it agains spammers :(

OK, I will send you test e-mail...

Re: Hows it going?
Cycling routes in and around the East Derbyshire and North Nottinghamshire.