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General interview questions:

Do you have any concerns about my ability to the job?

Do you have any concerns that would prevent you from recommending or selecting me for this job?

Re: General interview questions:

Re: General interview questions:

"Why did you leave your previous position?"

It is essential here that you do not give a negative impression of your previous employer as this can be seen as a sign of disloyalty. The obvious and most positive answers to give here will be along the lines of:

  • Seeking further advancement

  • Wanting to diversify

  • Hoping to achieve greater training opportunities

  • Looking for a new challenge

However, in some circumstances, you may have actually been dismissed from your previous role and this is probably the hardest reason to put a positive slant on. Be honest when answering this question, acknowledge responsibility for the causes of your dismissal but say that you have learnt a great deal from the experience and know exactly how you should behave if similar circumstances occur in the future. Explain the reasons for your dismissal and how you know now that you were in the wrong.

Another potentially negative response could be if you left because you were being bullied. Depending on how you explain this, it can open you up to expressing bitterness or recrimination, traits that are not necessarily attractive to a potential employer. Where possible, try to demonstrate forgiveness and show that you have become a stronger and better person as a result of your experience and do not feel tempted to be apologetic about the situation.