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IIS 7.0 : Managing Worker Processes and Requests
In IIS 7.0, managing worker processes  has never been easier and can be done through both IIS Manager and  through Appcmd. Thanks to the new core architecture, a request-based  tracing feature is now built into IIS 7.0. You can now easily query  current requests inside a particular worker process with a few mouse  clicks in IIS Manager. Alternatively, you can simply use Appcmd to query the run-time status. Available details include the HTTP verb of the  particular request, requested resource name, the processing state of the request, and the module that is currently processing the request.

Show all "spinners" in IIS:

C:\Windows\System32\inetsrv\appcmd.exe list request /time:"$>600000" /
@echo off
echo --- this is requests with "spinning" time more than 10 minutes