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TG582n router and BT 2-Wire 2700 router
To access your TG582n go to

The login information for Claro (PR) modems is:

You can find the Serial Number on the sticker on the underside of the modem, also on the outside sticker of the box the modem came in or by accessing this page:

The default account for this modem only has User privileges. By using the login information previously provided you should have access to the account with SuperUser privileges.

Once you access the modem with the SuperUser account go to Toolbox then Game & Application Sharing. There you should be able to open ports. If you are not worried about security and don't want to be opening ports you can just put the computer of interest in the DMZ.

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Additional information port forwarding

Find the ports required for your game to be open On your PC, access your router CLI (In a command prompt, type the following):

Login (normal username / password) (remember, cAsE SenSitVe)

Type the following for each port / port-range that needs to be open (the example below is for PS3 Black Ops; change to the ports for your game):
:connection bind application=CONE(UDP) port=3074-3075
:connection bind application=CONE(UDP) port=3478-3479
:connection bind application=CONE(UDP) port=3658

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BT 2700HGV routing with 5 public IP's.

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Here you can test speed of your connection

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How do I assign multiple static IP addresses?

Once you have set up your BT Business Hub, you can assign multiple static IP addresses.


To use multiple static IP addresses, you must have signed up for them when you ordered your  Broadband service or subscribed to them through Your account.

To assign multiple static IP addresses:

   1. Open a browser and enter http://home in the address bar to display the hub’s homepage:

      BT Business Hub home

   2. Select the Local Network tab.

   3. Click on the Advanced link.

   4. In the Public Network section of the Settings pane, check the Enable box.

   5. In the Router Address field, enter the address of the router (hub). This can be found in your welcome emails and letters.

   6. In the Subnet Mask field, do one of the following:

          * If you are a subscriber of five public network static IP addresses, enter

          * If you are a subscriber of 13 public network static IP addresses, enter

   7. Click on the SAVE button.

   8. After you have set up multiple static IP addresses, use one of the following methods to assign your LAN computers to the public static IP addresses:

          * If, for example, the address of the router (hub) is and the subnet mask address is, manually change the computer's TCP/IP settings from Obtain an IP address automatically to Use the following IP address.

          * Select one of the usable static IP addresses, for example, to The BT Business Hub automatically detects the static IP address and removes it from the public static IP DHCP pool.

          * Keep the computer in DHCP mode and use the BT Business Hub to provide either the same static IP address or any available IP address to the computer:

               1. Open a browser and enter http://home in the address bar to display the hub’s homepage.

               2. Select the Local Network tab.

               3. Click on the Advanced Settings link.

               4. Click on the Edit Address Allocation button.

               5. From the drop down list next to the computer to which you want to assign an IP address, select the required IP address.

               6. Click on the SAVE button.


      The BT Business Hub firewall protects those computers assigned to public static IP addresses. You may have to open specific ports if you plan to host certain applications.

Actually i started to do a write up then found the above "hidden" on the BT website, it also works with singtel firmware.

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Example of the interface:


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Assigning fixed IP addresses to devices from the DHCP pool

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