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My last Will (an example)
I, (name) of (address) HEREBY REVOKE all former Will and Codicils and Declare this to be my last Will and Testament which I make this (day) day of (month, year)

1.   I appoint my spouse hereinafter referred to as my (who 1: for example wife, husband etc)(name) of (address), to be the executor and trustee of my will but in case he shall predecease me or shall renounce probate or refuse or be unable to act then I appoint my (who 2: for example daughter/s, son/s etc)(name/s) of (address) and also (who 3: for example mother, sister/s, brother/s etc)(name/s) of (address) to be the executors and trustees of my will AND I DECLARE that the expression "my trustees" shall include Executors and Trustees for the time being

2.   I Desire my body to be buried upon my death

3.   I GIVE TO MY (who 1) (name) all of my estate, of such amounts as can pass at the date of my death

4.   If my (who 1) (name) survives me then I give her (him) all the rest of my estate subject to the payment of my Debts Funeral and Testamentary expenses and Legacies (my residuary estate) to her (him) absolutely

5.   If my said (who 1) does not survive me or if the gift to her (him) fails for any other reason I declare that (who 3) (name) of (address) manage my estate until my (who 2)(name/s)'s attainment of his (her/their) eighteen birthday.

6.   My Trustees shall have the following powers in addition to their powers under general Law

(a)   To pay or apply for the benefit of any beneficiary as my trustees think fit the whole or any part of the income from that part of my estate to which the beneficiary is entitled or may in future be entitled
(b)   To pay or apply for the benefit of any beneficiary as my trustees think fit the whole or any part of the capital to which that beneficiary is entitled and I leave it to the discretion of my trustees as to whether any such beneficiary shall on becoming absolutely entitled bring into account any payments received under this sub-clause
(c)   To exercise the power of appropriation conferred by section 41 of the administration of Estates Act 1925 without obtaining any of the consents required by the wording of that section and even though one or more of them may be beneficia11y interested in the appropriation
(d)   To invest as freely as if they were an absolute beneficial owner and to use trust money in or towards the purchase or improvement or repair of the property for occupation as a residence by the beneficiary
(e)   To insure any asset of my estate on such terms as they think fit and to pay the premiums out of income or capital and to use any insurance money received either to restore the asset in question or as if the money were the proceeds of sale
(f)   In any case where they have the obligation or discretion under this will or general common law to pay income or capital to or for the benefit of an infant to meet the obligation or exercise that discretion by paying either to a parent or guardian of the infant or to the infant personally if he shall have attained the age of 16 so that their respective receipts shall be a full discharge to my trustees who shall not be required to see the application of any payments so made

IN WITNESS WHEREOF I (name of who’s will it is) have hereunto set my hand
This (day) day of (month, year)

Signed by the above named
(name of who’s will it is) as his last
Will in the presence of us present
At the same time who at his request
In the presence and in the presence of
Each other have hereunto subscribed
Our names as witnesses"

Signature. . .

Signature. . .