Thread: ASP.NET/JavaScript Libraries

JavaScript Libraries

JavaScript is a dynamic computer programming language commonly used to create interactive effects within web browsers. JavaScript Library is a library of pre-written JavaScript which allows for easier development of JavaScript-based applications. These JavaScript libraries are often called JavaScript frameworks.


 jQuery is the most popular JavaScript framework on the internet today. It uses CSS selectors to access and manipulate HTML elements on a web page. It also provides a companion user interface framework and numerous other plug-ins. Many of the largest companies on the Web use jQuery such as Google, Microsoft, IBM, Netflix.



 Angular JavaScript allows you to build a complete application, create modules and single page applications and provides you with libraries- it helps you get and bind data, its complex and is based on dependency injections for encapsulation, you need around a year exposure to it- its more popular than knockout JavaScript.


 Knockout JavaScript - library that handles binding between data and webpage, it doesn’t provide libraries – it is easier to use than Angular JavaScript and can be learnt basically within a week -once you give it the data it will make sure it binds to the relevant data


 Prototype is a JavaScript library that provides a simple API (Application Programming Interface) to perform common web tasks. IT is a library of properties and methods for manipulating the HTML DOM. Prototype enhances JavaScript by providing classes and inheritance.


 MooTools is also a framework that offers an API to make common JavaScript programming easier, it also includes some lightweight effects and animation functions.