Thread: ASP.NET/Docker for Windows

Docker for Windows
Windows Subsystem for Linux Installation Guide for Windows 10

Some basic commands in PowerShell terminal of the Visual studio code:

>docker images
>docker build -t docker101tutorial . 
>docker run --name first-container -p 8080:80 hello-docker:1.0.0
>docker run -d --name first-container -p 8080:80 hello-docker:1.0.0 (-d container will run in disconnect mode)

>docker ps -a  (show all containers including not running)
>docker stop fbe  (stop running container, "fbe" - the first three later of the container id as an example)
>docker start fbe (start the same container again)
>docker rm fbe (remove container started with "fbe", but image remain)

>docker rmi fbe (remove/delete image)

> docker pull mysql (get images of the mysql for th future usage in your local environment)